Lyoness agreements

A new way of saving with Vialattea Ski School

A world of benefits

Activate the agreement with Lyoness and discover how to save

Thanks to the agreement between the Vialattea Sestriere Ski School and Lyoness, you can sign up and collect your free Lyoness Card at our offices, to become part of the network and start saving not only on our products, but also on those of the other companies and organisations that belong to the circuit. 
Lyoness is the biggest international shopping community, which has created a new and less expensive way of shopping. 
How does it work? 
Signing up is easy: all you have to do is request the card at the Vialattea Sestriere Ski School to join the Lyoness circuit and get money back on your purchases of the products of the companies and brands that belong to the network.  
What are the advantages?

  •  Money back on purchases made at our Ski School
  •   Money back on purchases made from organisations that are members of Lyoness. 
  •   Accumulate Shopping Points every time you make a purchase from the organisations that are part of the Lyoness circuit.
  •   Friendship bonus: more savings every time a friend makes a purchase from one of the organisations that’s part of the Lyoness network.


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